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Capital markets

R$ 60.45

share price at the end of 2015 on the BM&FBovespa, appreciated by 17%


average annual return of shares since the IPO in 1999

Ultrapar’s shares ended 2015 quoted at R$ 60.45 at BM&FBovespa, with an appreciation of 17% in the year, while the Ibovespa depreciated by 13%. In the same period, at the NYSE, Ultrapar’s shares depreciated by 21%, while the Dow Jones depreciated by 2%. Since its IPO, in 1999, Ultrapar’s shares recorded an average total shareholder return of 22% per year. With this performance, Ultrapar ended 2015 with a market value of R$ 36 billion.

Ultrapar’s average daily trading volume in 2015 was R$ 137 million in 2015, 54% higher than the daily average of R$ 89 million in 2014, considering the combined trading volumes on the BM&FBovespa and the NYSE. In the same period, the volume of business with the company’s shares had a significant increase of 25%, going from a daily average of 1,711 to 2,131 transactions.

Throughout 2015, Ultrapar’s shares followed the upward trend above the benchmark index in the Brazilian stock market. This performance reflects to a large extent, the recognition of the consistent evolution of the main results achieved by the company. In the last years, this performance has been supported by good management practices, guided by a rigorous planning, coupled with high operational execution capabilities, as well as the continuous improvement of corporate governance initiatives.

In line with its philosophy of transparency with investors, in 2015 over 500 interactions were made with representatives from the investor audience.

The market value of Ultrapar, in the end of 2015, reached R$ 36 billion¹, a result 23% higher than the previous year and more than double the market value of five years ago.

1 Calculated based on the weighted average price of the period.

Strong shareholders return since the IPO

CAGR 1999 - 2015

¹ Considers dividend reinvestment.



Stock Buyback program

In December 2014, a repurchase program of Ultrapar’s shares of up to 6,5 million common shares, with final maturity in December 2015, was approved by the Board of Directors. In 2015, it repurchased 6.1 million shares.


For 2015, Ultrapar declared dividends of R$ 871 million, an increase of 12% compared to the previous year. This amount represents a dividend yield of 2.5% on the average share price in 2015.

Ultrapar paid dividends to shareholders above the annual minimum of 50% of adjusted net income provided in its Bylaws - in 2015, the payout ratio was 58%. Since its IPO, 16 years ago, the company paid R$ 5.6 billion in dividends.