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New opportunities

The company is consolidating its position as a service supplier to the fuels market, for which handling has intensified in the past two years

Ultracargo is a liquid bulk storage company with a 50-year track record, strongly client-focused, and with substantial capacity to transform and reinvent itself in accordance with the needs of the market and in the light of expectations of the sectors in which it operates. The company’s successful trajectory is based primarily on the continuing cooperation of a team of approximately 650 employees.

In 2016, the company used its 50th anniversary to implement a brand management project for transmitting its essence, values and competitive advantages. The principal conclusion of the work highlights the company as a link in the client’s logistic and productive chain prompting the creation of the concept: “Ultracargo connects businesses and this connection contributes to the development of the country and its port logistics development”. The work includes market analysis, research into services offered by the company and its competitors as well as qualitative and quantitative interviews.  

With such a profile strongly consolidated in the country, Ultracargo performed positively during the year. If on the one hand, the challenging economic scenario saw a reduction in the movement of chemicals, on the other, the company invested and consolidated its position as a provider of services to the fuels market, the demand for which accelerated during the year. In 2016, there was a growth of 24% in fuel handling operations compared with 2014. Ultracargo was able to successfully anticipate the opportunities in fuel handling and prepare its installations for the new product.

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This was also a year when operations were resumed following the impacts of the fire in Santos in 2015 (read more). Today, the company is an industry leader with a 24% share of capacity at Brazilian independent port terminals. By the end of 2017, resumption in the Santos operations will ramp this up to about 28%. In 2016, Ultracargo moved 20 million tons of product along the Brazilian coastline.

During the period, the company continued to invest in expansion. Once work is complete at the end of 2018, the Itaqui (Maranhão) port terminal’s current capacity of more than 55 thousand m3 will have been increased to 103 thousand m3. The aim is to be ready to meet the growing demand from the region as well as the requirements for Ultracargo’s development overall.