Results and outlook


Ultra is prepared again to obtain the benefits from its strategic option focused on resilient businesses, with a large scale of operations and scope for differentiation. The cyclical challenges of 2015 remain present in 2016 and, nevertheless, we will continue making efforts to materialize the continuous value creation of the company.

At Ipiranga, consistent investments to expand its service stations network and its related logistics infrastructure, focused on North, Northeast and Midwest regions of Brazil, will continue to leverage the benefits from the growth of the vehicle fleet in Brazil and the reduction of gray market. Additionally, the company will continue with its differentiation initiatives, based on increasing the offer of products, services and convenience, to further increase customer loyalty and expand the number of clients, who are offered higher value-added products and services, while the reseller is provided with an additional source of revenue and differentiated positioning, thus maximizing the profitability of the chain as a whole, including Ipiranga’s.

Oxiteno will continue with focus on innovation, with the development of new products, and will act to maximize the benefits from the maturation of investments in production capacity expansion in Brazil in a more favorable foreign exchange scenario, also accelerating the international expansion with the investment in the ethoxylate plant in the United States.

Ultragaz will continue focused on obtaining the benefits from the investments in capturing new customers and on managing costs and expenses constantly, which will contribute to the earnings progression.

Ultracargo, on its turn, will continue focused on the clarification and management of the impacts derived from the accident in Santos, without ceasing to assess the opportunities from the growing demand for liquid bulk storage in Brazil.

At Extrafarma, taking the retail platform strengthened in the last two years, we will continue focused on a more accelerated expansion of the company.

Economic challenges remain present but Ultrapar is strengthened to obtain the benefits of its strategy.

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