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An atypical year demanded unprecedented engagement and mobilization of the entire company to face and overcome challenges.



5 mi

tons of products handled per year

The leading position in liquid bulk storage was maintained in 2015, despite the challenges posed by the adverse economic conditions and the fire that hit part of the Santos terminal (SP).

The company continues with a differentiated geographical distribution, achieved in previous years through investments in expansions and acquisitions, being present in six ports - Itaqui (MA), Suape (PE), Aratu (BA), Rio de Janeiro (RJ), Santos (SP) and Paranaguá (PR) – along the Brazilian coastline.

Ultracargo also has, as a competitive edge, a robust operational scale provided by a total storage capacity that exceeds 630 thousand cubic meters. This capacity allows an annual handling of about 5 million tons of products per year.

Competitive advantages

  • Largest liquid bulk storage provider in Brazil
  • Distribution throughout the entire Brazilian coastline, which allows for flexibility and better positioning for new business
  • The only company present in more than three ports



EBITDA R$ million

* EBITDA ex-Santos in 2015: R$ 93 million

Incident in Santos


firefighters were mobilized


of Ultracargo’s total capacity was hit by the fire

On April 2, 2015, Ultracargo experienced a high impact incident that led to an unprecedented mobilization to overcome: part of the storage facilities operated by Ultracargo in Santos (SP) was hit by a fire that endured nine days surrounding six ethanol and gasoline tanks. There were no casualties. Such tanks had a total capacity of 34 thousand cubic meters, which corresponded to 4% of Ultracargo’s overall capacity in Brazil, or 10% of Ultracargo’s capacity in Santos terminal.

The incident demanded efforts from Ultra and its businesses to, in the first place, collaborate with the authorities and prevent potential impacts on third parties. All activities observed existing procedures and emergency plans, following the strategies of the Fire Department, were accompanied by a company hired by Ultracargo specialized in the response to such incidents.

Among other initiatives, the company mobilized about 200 of its own brigade members in 24-hour regime, who joined the local authorities and the Fire Department, assisting in firefighting. Seven towboats were rented and pumped billions of liters of seawater to the fire trucks. The company also brought all supplies of Liquid Foam Generator (LFG) available in Brazil and also imported the product. The product is used for firefighting with hydrocarbons.

After this incident, the company made efforts to deal with its consequences and promote the repair and recovery of the facilities. In collaboration with the Environmental Company of the State of São Paulo (“Companhia Ambiental do Estado de São Paulo – Cetesb”) and under its direct coordination, Ultracargo monitored and controlled the environmental risk in the area since the first day, operating through specialized companies.

The incident led Ultracargo to expand its Safety, Health, Environment and Quality structure and create a corporate processes and emergency safety management, which will remain focused on improving operational processes and emergency response. Ultracargo, together with Ultra’s other businesses, hired consulting firms to do an assessment and review systems for firefighting, emergency response and an analysis of the safety risks process. In addition, the company created the Safe Attitude Program, which aims to improve operational processes and company safety management. One of the measures provided by the project included the hiring of a world leading company in safety management, which carried out a diagnosis of the current processes. The survey indicated possible points of improvement that are being implemented on in an action plan.

Due to the incident, Ultracargo’s activities in part of Santos terminal remained suspended until the end of 2015. The part of the terminal with suspended operations has a capacity of 185 thousand cubic meters, corresponding to 55% of Ultracargo’s capacity in Santos and 23% of company’s overall capacity. Ultracargo has sought an open and continuous communication channel with the public affected by the incident and the authorities, dealing responsibly with its obligations and seeking to establish fair and adequate treatment to all involved.

Read more about safety here.


For the fourth consecutive year, Ultracargo supported the Prêmio Comunidade em Ação (Community in Action Award), an initiative of the A Tribuna newspaper. The Projeto Comunidade em Ação (Community in Action Project) aims to enhance the voluntary actions of people or group of persons, acting in any municipality in the metropolitan area of Santos (SP), which dedicate their time for the benefit of social causes.

The criteria for awards take into account the social impact, degree of mobilization, application of competences and originality of actions. The Community in Action project is aligned with Ultracargo’s pillars.